Case Study

Bermad ( is a world leader in advanced hydraulic valves with offices and distributors in 85 countries. Bermad’s valves are widely used in agricultural, municipal, fire protection and landscape applications. To further expand market share in China, Bermad wished to have its technical datasheets and website translated into Chinese.

There were more than 500 datasheets for valves. Understanding technical details was vital during translation. Without in-depth knowledge about advanced valves, accuracy was impossible. Even when all the technical terms are correct, translations may still seem ridiculous to real professionals if a translator doesn’t fully understand the mechanism involved.

The only way was to make ourselves a professional in this field. Our translator team did a great deal of research on wide ranges of valves, pumps, control systems, competing products…Then as a standard procedure, the translations were checked carefully by senior translators during the editing and proofreading process.

The translations we delivered won us compliments from the client’s Chinese technicians, which was the best reward for us. Satisfied with the translations of the datasheets, Bermad wanted us to translate the English into Chinese but there was a challenge: Bermad was not able to supply us with website files. With the experience of our website team, the issue was eventually solved and our translator team was able to proceed with the website content.

We had another happy client after delivering the Chinese website (more than 700 web pages) to Bermad. Now we still assist the client with document translations and website work.

Sometimes there are always many challenges when you try to really understand details of a new product or service, but once you figure them out, the enjoyment was immense. This is the fun of being a translator.

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