Our Competitive Strengths

Sophisticated translation team, rigorous quality assurance process, one-stop services and competitive cost are our core strengths that put us in a favorable position in competition.

Sophisticated Teams
We are proud of our team members for their professionalism displayed in every project. With assistance from project managers, our translator team has been maintaining high-level accuracy and consistency, which are two significant factors in big projects. Our team of web engineers is always there to assist clients on every aspect of their websites.

Rigorous Quality Assurance Process
As always, there is only one way to maintain customers' confidence: rigorous quality assurance process. From punctuation to true meanings there is nothing too small to be neglected. Proofreading and editing play big roles. The watching eyes of our proofreaders and editors will see to it that possible mistakes are eliminated before delivery.

One-stop Services
We provide one-stop website services, including website translation, website design, web hosting, search engine optimization, graphic treatment and website maintenance. Working closely with customers is a key factor in website engineering because modifying in the middle costs a lot of time and efforts.

Competitive Cost
Transon Translation is endowed with tremendous advantages in costs because we are located in China, a country with a lot of talented people. With our responsive and innovative management, we believe we will be able to keep pace with the changing business environment by keeping strong market alertness & responsiveness, better cost control and higher operational efficiency.