Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rely on Machine Translation (MT) like translation tools provided by Google or Yahoo Babelfish?

Machine translation is evolving at an amazing pace due to the rapid growth of Internet and the hard work of engineers working on translation software. It will probably replace human translation in the future, which would be great news for Internet users. However, people can't rely on machine translation now because it only pieces words and expressions together and it makes too many mistakes.

Do you provide samples for documents and website free of charge?

Yes, we provide samples for free if required.

Do you provide domain name (like www.yourdomain.com) and web hosting space?

Yes, please feel free to ask our salesperson about this. We have a domain checker at www.transon-translation.com/domain-search.php which enables you to check availability of domain names.

How do I pay for your services

You may make direct bank transfer to our bank account or PayPal account.

If you hope to pay by credit card, you can choose PayPal, one of the most convenient and secure choices in the world.
Bank account and PayPal account details (please click on the image to enlarge):



Do you disclose my information?

Transon Translation firmly observes the Translators' Professional Code of Ethics, and will not disclose client's information without express consent from the client. Our linguists sign an agreement to keep the confidentiality of their translation work. If requested, we can enter into a Non-disclosure Agreement with clients before we start a project.